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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Jim's Election Predictions & Keeping Cancer To Yourself

    - Jim's election prediction: Minority Erin O'Toole gov't. Will he be eating crow?... Jim's election desires: Minority win, Trudeau steps down - In an interview from years ago, Norm Macdonald explained why he thought one should keep their cancer diagnosis to themselves... Have you ever known someone who did the same thing, or have you yourself done it?  - When it comes to driving, do you know someone who's never done something as simple as pump their own gas, or turn left?
  • Musing The News & The Dirtiest Of Dirty Jobs

    Jim muses the news of the day: 4th Wave & Alberta ICU; Trudeau hammers O'Toole for Alberta; Election Truthtracker; Hamilton community leader abducted in home invasion, 1 son killed & 1 son injured; A look at the Canadians who made Guinness World Records... Jim is excited for The Soprano's prequel "The Many Saints Of Newark" coming out, but agrees with creator David Chase that it should have an exclusive theatrical release... - David Cooper: Updates on the dead body that was found 2 floors above him in his apt building... Jim asks if anyone's ever worked in crime scene cleanup, or lived in their car... David's questions for Jim: The longest 5-minutes you've ever experienced? - David Cooper cont'd: Have you ever worked in crime scene cleanup, or lived in your car?
  • David Cooper's Interesting Questions & Fighting For More Autism Support

    David Cooper joins Jim to ask AND answer some interesting questions: What's a profession he admires but could never do? What's the most selfless thing he's ever done? And what's the most common unusual thing people do in the bathroom?... Jim speaks with a mother from Oakville ON, who is fighting for more supports for son living with autism by conducting a sit-in outside of Premier Doug Ford's constituency office.... Then Jim speaks with Bell Media science correspondent Dan Riskin about the science of snot.
  • Jesting The News & Crouse's Movie Picks

    Jesting The News with comedians George Westerholm & Dave Martin... Do these news stories give you ' the feels'?... And Did Richard Crouse like these new movies?
  • Yeah There Was A 'Pick', So What?

    - Jim got an email from someone who loves his show, how he connected with a woman who lost her mom... except it was actually meant for some guy named Dave... Jim's starting off with a bummer: in COVID news, Alberta's current status is what happens when you prioritize ideology over science...  - Jim's personal story: person with cameras in their house captured Jim picking his nose (Yeah there was a pick, so what?): Would you be upset about this if they didn't tell you? - Jim accidentally hung up on a caller, and wants her forgiveness. Will she call back??... Speaking of catching people in the act on camera: Ashes dumped on Watertown, WI front yard without permission: Four strangers walked up to woman's home, opening up their fists and dropping ashes in her front yard... Have you ever had someone who used to live in your house come by to see it again?
  • Musing The News & David Cooper on Jim's Email Controversy

    Jim muses the news of the day... David Cooper comments on Jim mistakenly sending out a possibly "risque" email to everyone in the company, and  discusses a recent grisly discovery in his NYC apartment building...
  • David Cooper on Defining Objects & Scavenger Hunt

    More with David Cooper: What's the last thing that made you cry?... What object you own best defines you?... London correspondent "Tony Five" calls in from England & talks about the "orgy" he attended...   Election 2021: at Hamilton Centre debate, PC candidate Fabian Grenning was asked what the difference was between the PCs and the PPC, his answer was a little cringey... Scavenger Hunt: Car with most clicks on it? Youngest grandparent? Have you been in a fight? And what great band sucked live?
  • A Joke Of An Election & Favourite Movie Clichés

    Comedian David Burke & Ian Sirota join Jim to break down why this election is a joke... Comedian Simon Rakoff reminisces about the late, great Norm Macdonald... And film critic & host Richard Crouse discusses annoying movie clichés

Reshmi Nair, host of "Outbreak: The Facts and Fiction of the Coronavirus" asks Dan Riskin, Bell Media science expert and Dr. Isaac Bogoch, Infectious disease physician at Toronto General Hospital YOUR questions about COVID-19