Motorcycle dogs help raise funds for charity

There is a biker driving around town on his hog---with two dogs in a sidecar.  No, it's not a joke.

Maybe you've seen Brian Korzenowski--also known as the dog gone mortgage guy ---and his two dog's Athena and Venus in the side car with goggles and warm coats.

The flashy free-wheelers were highlighted in two of the latest Christmas Parades these past few weekends.

Korzenowski says its all about spreading cheer this holiday season.

"If I can get one smile out of someone during the day it's worth it.  It's all about just trying to make people happy, spreading as much happiness as possible. And being able to ride around with your two best friends is even cooler!" 

The motorcycle and sidecar are all decked out with Christmas lights.  Brian and the dogs have been raising funds for charitiable organizations and doing drive-bys at seniors homes and hospitals.