15 year old choked in tent at Beacon Hill Park homeless encampment

Beacon Hill Campers

VicPd are trying to find a 38-year-old suspect who assaulted and choked a 15 year old teen in their tent at a Beacon Hill Park homeless encampment shortly after 10:00 Tuesday night.

During their investigation, responding officers and paramedics were confronted and obstructed from helping the teen by other campers.

The teenager -- who is developmentally delayed and had been reported missing from home -- suffered non-life-threatening, but potentially life-altering injuries from the assault.

Despite that Cnst. Cam McIntyre says numerous campers stood close by grabbing the teen, trying to pull them away, and urging the victim not to speak to police or go to hospital:

" There was a struggle between officers, between the 15 year old, and between some of those camping in the park who interfered.  Unfortunately  officers had to call for a code 3, or a high priority response from other units just for their safety and the safety of those in the park. During this altercation once of the officers was bitten, another was spat on while we unfortunately has to carry that victim to the ambulance to get them secured for transport."

Because of concern for the teen's safety officers apprehended them under the Child, Family and Community Service Act, and taken to hospital for treatment without further incident.

The suspect is a 38-year-old man, known to police, with numerous recent charges, including assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon and breaching court ordered conditions.


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