Airline mixup creates travel headaches at Victoria International Airport

Victoria International Airport YYJ

A cancelled Delta Airlines flight from Victoria International Airport prompted the evacuation of the post-security holding area and a second round of screening for passengers.

According to Security and Terminal Operations Director Ian West, the incident centers around a cancelled Delta flight at around 8 o'clock this (Saturday) morning.

“They took the checked baggage up to reunite it with the passengers in the hold room and once you’ve checked in for  a flight, you can’t have access to your checked baggage until you arrive at your destination.”

The mistake caused delays of around two hours and forced airport staff to evacuate the holding area and to complete a thorough sweep before allowing passengers to board their flights.

“We had to unload all of the hold rooms of passengers and then sweep the hold rooms, make them sterile again, make sure there were no unattended or left behind items, and then re-screen all the passengers and get them on their way again.”

West says normal operations have resumed.

Transport Canada has been made aware of the situation and will be investigating.

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