Animal rights group under fire for misleading stunt


A Victoria group dedicated to ridding the city of horse-drawn carriages may have shown a lack of "horse sense" when it posted signs declaring the business license had expired and therefore was closed.

But the business is not closed, and is allowed to operate while it renews it's license.

Still, many took the signs to be genuine, and called Tally Ho later to express concern over the closure.

Victoria Horse Alliance spokesman Jordan Reichert admitted to CFAX he posted the signs, but was unapologetic when challenged about his motives:

Jordan Reichert: " No, Adam I'm not lying about anything."

Adam Stirling: "Jordan you posted a sign that said closed for business, and it wasn't your business, and you weren't the city. How can you explain that?"

Reichert: " I am not ... I never implied in any way that I am the city"

Tally Ho employee Kate Clarke says locals are a big part of their Christmas and New Year's business - and some of that was lost due to the stunt:

" You know a carriage ride is a really nice thing for people to do with their families, so we do rely this time of year mostly on locals at this point."

A city spokesperson has confirmed Tally Ho can continue to operate while licensing approvals are in the works.

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