Applications are open for South Island families to play Family Feud

family feud canada

Families on the South Island will be able to make an appearance on the first season of Family Feud Canada.

Enthusiastic outgoing families of five need to apply online if they want be on the new version of the classic game show, hosted by Gerry Dee.

Tracie Tighe Executive Producer Family Feud with the CBC, says teams will be heading to places across the country, including Victoria, to audition the applicants.

"So we're doing a coast to coast to coast to coast trip, where we're sending teams for the next 6 to 8 weekends across Canada, auditioning fun enthusiastic dynamic families to get our first cast of families."

Teams will be in Victoria to audition the applicants on September 8th, so Tighe encourages everyone to apply as soon as possible.

"Upload a video, showing us what a fantastic family you have, then we're selecting a certain amount of families from across Canada to go and meet in person, and play the game and audition for the show.

Families who are selected for the show will be flown out to Toronto to play in front of a live studio audience in November. The first season will air in December.

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