Atmospheric Rivers nearly drown Esquimalt's Archives

Esquimalt Archives Collections

When an atmospheric river inundated the Capital Region with rain on October 28, it also flooded Esquimalt's municipal archives.

But, except for a few boxes that had been stored on the floor, most of the collection made it through the flood unscathed.

Archivist Jessica Nichol along with experts from the British Columbia Heritage Emergency Response Network and the Royal BC Museum worked to salvage most of the damaged material.

However, a collection of negatives from the former Esquimalt News newspaper was potentially lost.

The negatives are being stored in a freezer to prevent further damage ahead of fixes by a professional conservator.

The Archives are located in the basement of a building owned by McDonalds Restaurants of Canada.

The Township says the property owner will be responsible for repairs to walls and other damaged areas.

Plans are in the works to move the Archives to the space currently occupied by Esquimalt's library branch when the library, itself, moves to a larger nearby space.

But once the Library move, Vic-PD's Esquimalt Division will temporarily occupy that space while a new public safety building is built.

No word yet on when the public will be able to access the archives in person.

In the meantime, the Township's online collections can be found at

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