B.C. mom fights smoking rules in multi-unit dwellings


A B.C. mother who is fed up with second-hand smoke creeping into her condo from a unit below will have her complaint aired in the B.C. legislature next month.

Naomi Baker is a new mom who lives in a condo building in Langley, a building where tenants are allowed to smoke in their own suites.

She says they've been dealing with smoke wafting in for over 3 years.

Naomi decided to take action while pregnant with her now 7-month-old daughter Faith.

She started a petition - which has now garnered more than 13,500 signatures.

The new mom wants Housing Minister Selina Robinson to make all multi-unit dwellings in the province smoke-free.

Personal stories are being shared on the Change.org site Naomi has created.

She insists she doesn't want smoking banned outright, just within buildings.

Currently,smoking is allowed in any multi-unit building in B.C., unless a strata or tenancy agreement states otherwise.



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