B.C.'s 'largest investment' in affordable housing on Vancouver Island begins in Saanich

A rendering of the Nigel Valley redevelopment in Saanich is shown. (BC Housing)

Construction of a large housing redevelopment in Saanich, B.C., has begun, and it's a project that the B.C. government is calling its "largest investment" into affordable housing on Vancouver Island.

Some 800 new homes will be built on a roughly nine-acre site along Nigel Avenue in the Uptown area, as part of the province's Nigel Valley project.

The $250-million project will involve several buildings, which will include roughly 440 affordable rental homes, 255 homes at market prices, 37 homes with supports for seniors and veterans, 25 homes with supports for people with mental-health challenges, and 41 long-term care beds.

The housing is being built in three phases, with the first phase of the project currently underway.

This first phase will see the construction of a new long-term care home, called Nigel House, which will include 88 units, including 41 of with long-term care beds, 37 units for seniors and veterans who need assistance, and 10 units for seniors and veterans who can live independently.

Construction of Nigel House at 851 Nigel Ave. is expected to complete in summer 2024.

The B.C. government is providing $47.5 million for construction of Nigel House, and is giving the long-term care home a $5.2-million grant.

Meanwhile, the federal government is providing $3.2 million for Nigel House, Broadmead Care is providing approximately $2 million, plus another $3.2 million in fundraised equity, Island Health is contributing $4.3 million, and the Capital Regional Hospital District is providing approximately $1.3 million.


Meanwhile, construction of a new five-storey apartment building in Nigel Valley is set to begin later this year, pending approval from the province.

The new building will include 70 rental units for moderate and low-income tenants, ranging from families to individuals – to seniors or adults living with disabilities.

The entire Nigel Valley redevelopment project is estimated to finish in 2032.

The province says the phased construction plan will allow people who currently live on the property to stay until their new homes are finished.

"The Nigel Valley Project is a remarkable collaborative effort with the goal of meeting the needs of our diverse community," said Geoffrey Ewert, CEO of the Garth Homer Society in a statement Thursday.

"What we are creating is more than just housing – we are creating an inclusive community where people from all walks of life feel a true sense of belonging and have a place that feels like home."

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