BC Premier addresses anti-police tweet by Victoria councillor Isitt


Addressing the media today Premier John Horgan says while he knows there is a faction that does not want the Coast GasLink LNG pipeline, he also knows the vast majority of First Nations want the prosperity it will bring to their people -- and that's what he is focused on.

He also expressed frustration that people trying to get to work were jostled, berated, and some possibly injured by protesters. VicPd is now investigating and has put out a request for witnesses and any other victims to come forward.

Asked about a tweet from Victoria Councillor Ben Isitt calling the allegations of injuries "hogwash," adding "VicPd's mandate is to ensure public safety, not spread Fake News."

Horgan was asked what he thought about that:

"My thoughts on that individual are not printable. I will say that I spoke with Mayor Helps today and assured her I do not view the city council in Victoria as a mirror image of Mr. Isitt. He will carry on living his life the way he does, and we'll have to recon with that as time goes by."

Meantime Isitt has since posted a blog blaming "the corporate media"  for " frantically spinning the non-violent blockade of the legislature as some kind of “violent protest” -- and encouraging readers not to be distracted, and to join what he calls the mass movement.

Link to blog here:  Horgan's comment here:  https://twitter.com/i/status/1227703004956106752

Link to Isitt Blog here: https://medium.com/@ben.isitt/history-is-on-our-side-social-movement-mobilization-in-solidarity-with-the-wetsuwet-en-people-eb0a00276abc

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