BC Premier doesn't agree with allowing 24/7 camping in parks


As the Mayor of Victoria asks for more funding from the BC Govt and Ottawa to move homeless campers out of Beacon Hill Park, BC's Premier says he disagrees on how the situation has been handled thus far:

" There is a bylaw in place that says you can't camp over during the day, you have to fold up camp in the morning. Victoria has chosen not to enforce that because they beliueve that in a pandemic that would be ill advised. I disagree with that, but that's not my responsibility. The city is responsible for their bylaws, and they can and should manage them."

Meantime Victoria city councillor Geoff Young says he would like to see 'daytime camping' stopped. City Council voted in May to allow people to shelter in parks 24-hours a day.

City Parks staff are now refusing to work in Beacon Hill due to unsafe conditions. Some staff and residents have reported being threatened by homeless campers.

Over 21,000 people have signed a petition to remove 100 or so homeless campers from the greenspace.

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