BC's Minister of State for Childcare explains why centres still open


BC's Minister of State for Childcare says she is getting emails from parents wanting to know why childcare centres remain open during the COVID19 pandemic.

Katrina Chen says we are under a State of Emergency, and therefore is taking direction from the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Chen says Dr. Henry has been very clear that all parents who CAN must look after their children at home, otherwise services are being kept open for those who MUST work:

"Child care is accessible for  parents who must work, especially parents who are working on the front lines, emergency services workers, essential services workers.  And that's why our government  is putting together supports. We have announced supports to cover providers and we've got a lot of emails and volunteers from providers who want to stay open  to service emergency and essential services workers, up to 75% of their operating fund."

Chen says the Province is providing financial help to childcare centres that remain open; parents won't need to pay monthly fees if they voluntarily withdraw kids or if their provider closes down for a time. 

The provincial government will also compensate childcare facilities facing reduced enrollment and closure.

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