Book sales to go to Near North Palliative Care Network

A book written by several authors from northern Ontario and beyond is helping support the Near North Palliative Care Network in North Bay.

The organization offers respite care and emotional support to families and caregivers dealing with life-threatening illness and bereavement support.

The book is called 'Wise Tails.'

“I’ve done the layout, design and print brokering of the book,” said Nicky Poulin, who created the illustrations.

It’s full of narratives written by Darren Renaud, the past chair of the network, as well as others. Renaud died in May while riding his motorcycle when he collided with a moose. Poulin wanted to finish the book in his memory.

“Continuing to draw the characters and put the book together helped in my healing journey,” she said. “Darren was an incredible, incredible person who believed in moving things forward.”

Renaud was the past board chair of the Near North Palliative Care Network. All of the proceeds from the book’s sales will go to the organization, which offers visits to hospice palliative care, grief counselling and other services. It’s an organization Renaud firmly believed in.

“None of us dream to die in a hospital or a facility,” said the network’s executive director Monica Do Coutto Monni. "So he was a champion for the real will of our community."

So far, more than 250 copies have been sold. In 2015, palliative care provided services to 500 people. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of clients has soared to 5,000 and is still growing.

“We are the only visiting hospice in the District of Nipissing and Parry Sound. We go where the client needs us. We go to homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities,” said Do Coutto Monni.

Poulin said if every book is sold, more than $10,000 will go to the organization so it can continue its services for years to come, which she says Renaud would want.

“Darren always felt no one should die alone,” she said.

There are several ways to purchase the book. You can purchase it directly or mail in a cheque to the Near North Palliative Care Network or OHANA Yoga & Wellness Centre or use PayPal with this address.

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