Burnside Gorge Community Assn. VP calls for solutions to disorder


Ever since the city and province collaborated to move homeless campers into motels in the Burnside-Gorge neighbourhood, residents have reported increased crime, drug use and general disorder on the rise in some parts of the vibrant community.

The Vice President of the Burnside Gorge Community Association -- Elizabeth Cull -- says residents were already shouldering more than their share of supportive services prior ot the pandemic -- but now they have much more, and without the promised consultation.

" You know we understand that people need housing, but we also need to have the work done by those that are trying to make things better for people who don't have housing, to make sure that it doesn't negatively impact our neighbourhoods at the same time."

Cull says the community association has been working hard with the levels of government and service providers to resolve the issues -- but it hasn't been fully resolved:

"We're still trying to get the supports in place.  And getting the various projects to recognize that there's some responsibility for the disorder that happens off their property.  And I would say that most of the people we are working with are very receptive to try to find solutions, but we're not there yet."

Cull, a former BC Minister of Health and Finance in the 1990's, says residents have also been assured the measures put in place during the COVID-19 emergency will not become permanent.

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