Calls for safety improvements to Prospect Lake Road increasing


Residents living along Prospect Lake Rd. in Saanich are calling for improvements after 3 crashes in 8 days, including a fatal motorcycle collision in the 4-thousand block on Monday night.

The road is narrow, winding, hilly, with no sidewalks or shoulders, and there is frequently wildlife on the road.

Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes, who also lives along the route, says the District has asked ICBC to do a road safety audit:

" Once we get the information in we'll be able to make some clear decisions. If the ICBC road audit comes back and has some recommendations about traffic speed, or other aspect -- about signage -- we will certainly do them. Meanwhile there's been a lot of activity in that area from Saanich engineering. We are scheduled to put a rumble strip down the centre line."

The rumble strip is aimed at warning drivers who may cross into oncoming traffic.

Saanich Police have also increased enforcement on the road, which saw 78 crashes between 2013  and 2017 -- 26 of those at the intersection of West Saanich Road, and 21 near the West Burnside end, close to the location on Monday's fatal collision.

Haynes says there's a $2.6-million upgrade planned for the area near West Saanich Road, including sidewalks and traffic calming discussions with the public.

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