Christie Point Apartments proposal goes to public hearing


A proposed development that would see the Christie Point Apartments on Portage Inlet torn down and replaced with a 6 to 7 storey building, tripling the amount of rental units is going to public hearing.

View Royal Mayor David Screech says the special meeting to discuss the issue attracted a large crowd:

" We certainly had a full house. And, yeah, the meeting went to I think about 10:30. And the decision was made by a 3-2 vote to move forward to public hearing on the project."

Many of those who showed up argued against tearing down the 60's era building, which is home to 160 families who pay rents at the low end of the current market price.

But Mayor Screech notes Christie Point is old and is in need of replacement, and says demanding no change at all is not acceptable in his view.

The project will go to public hearting on June 27th. 

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