Christie Point development project gets rezoning approval from View Royal Council

Christie Point

A rezoning for the controversial redevelopment slated for Christie Point has been approved by View Royal Councillors.

Council voted three-two in favour, to allow a new $200 million development proposed by RealStar.

View Royal Mayor David Screech says he understands backlash from residents living at the current appartment buildings that will be torn down.

“They are going to phase the development and give them a full years notice, “said Screech. “Those concerns will never be fully met but I believe they (Realstar) really have done their best to make it workable."

The project will replace 161 apartments with 473 units in mostly six storey buildings.

Residents living in the apartments fear they will be kicked out or have their rents increased dramatically.

Screech says this area is the appropriate spot to create more density.

“And I think when we can do that, we have to do it or else we are just contributing to urban sprawl.”

Shovels aren't expected to be in the ground for the phased project for about 18 months.


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