Christie Point redevelopment opposition mounting

christie point

A seaside rental development slated for View Royal isn't sitting well with some of Christie Point community residents.

Toronto-based developer, Realstar Group wants to build a massive development including seven purpose-built rental buildings ranging in height from four to six stories.

Organizer for Christie Point Advocates, Melanie Molloy tells CFAX they're concerned about heavy amounts of traffic and congestion at Shoreline Drive and Island Highway.

"Which is very concerning along Shoreline Road. If you can visualize there's that intersection at Admirals Road and Craigflower that is already quite backlogged several hours of the day during rush hour, and what they're proposing is a one-to-one parking unit ratio, so anticipating over 500 vehicles still."

Malloy also says they don't know how much rents will increase for those living at the existing Christie Point housing development.  


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