City gives owner of dilapitated house 60 days to fix it or demolish it

1176 Yates

The owner of a dilapitated house at 1176 Yates has 60 days to fix it, or demolish it. 

Bylaw officers told Victoria council the old rooming house has been empty since 2003 after it was condemned because of unapproved work that left the house structurally compromised.

According to bylaw officers the building has simply been left to deteriorate. Although boarded up -- it is used by squatters, drug users, it's been vandalized, and has been the scene of 2 arsons. 

If the home is not repaired or torn down by the current owner -- the city will tear it down after the deadline, and bill the owner for the work.

The owner, Robin Kimpton, has had run ins with the city in the past over run down properties, including the Traveller’s Inn which went into foreclosure.

An apartment building he owned in the 23-hundred block Cook street was demolished 2014 when city ordinances weren't complied with.

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