Construction site blast showers Colwood street with rocks and boulders

Blast Rocks

Residents of a Colwood Street were literally "rocked" by a massive blast from a construction site Wednesday morning.

A Colwood Residents' Facebook Page is filled with comments and photos from residents of the 32-hundred block of Fulton, whose properties were showered by small rocks and large boulders.

This woman -- who doesn't want to be identified -- says she comes from a construction family, so knows what to expect.

When she heard the warning whistle sound she gathered her children to go watch in the front yard -- but after several minutes nothing happened -- so they went back inside.

And that proved fortunate --  as she says something clearly went wrong with the blast that finally came:

" And it literally felt like the entire house jumped off the ground. Like, it was the HUGEST blast. Everything shook, the dog started barking. And then I just heard what sounded like rain on the house and the driveway and the front lawn, and I realized it was little tiny rock fragments flying all over my property."

She says that was followed by a large dust cloud that completely blocked the sun, and showered dust down on everything.

WorkSafeBC confirms they were called to the site, and thankfully no one was injured. 

It's not known yet if there was property damage -- but residents have shared photos of boulders as large as footballs lying in their yards. Many question why there wasn't a warning whistle right before the blast.

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