Controversial Remembrance Day motion no longer has enough support


Another Victoria city councillor is backing away from a controversial motrion to defund Remembrance Day ceremonies.

It means the motion won't have enough support when it comes up to be finalized next week.

Marianne Alto says she misread a staff report, and thought she was voting on something else. She adds she takes full responsibility for that.  

"I relied on a report that came from staff which had identified, as you may know, the phrase 'military events' as being the Victoria Day Parade."

Alto says while she is in favour of looking for funds for the Victoria Day parade, she didn't think it included any other event -- until she spoke to Mayor Lisa Helps following the meeting:

"It was actually my conversation with her that twigged for me what I thought I had voted on wasn't exactly right."

Also -- Councillor Laurel Collins issued a statement this afternoon to say she regrets not calling for the discussion and vote to some other day, with the motion happening on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Collins -- the acclaimed federal NDP candidate for Victoria in the fall federal election -- says she regrets any pain her support of the motion caused veterans, and won't support it next week. 


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