Could Hartland Landfill be expanded to extend its life span?


Amidst talks of upping the tipping fees at Hartland landfill for users like the Cruise ship industry, there is also talk of expanding the landfill.

With the life span of the landfill nearing an end efforts are being made to encourage users to reduce waste, including possibly hiking  tipping fees for some -- like the cruise ship industry.

But Mayor Lisa Helps says they already pay higher fees, although it may be worth determining if those fees are high enough.

Helps says there's another conversation happening at the Capital Regional District level about extending Hartland's life span, and that involves whether the landfill can be enlarged:

" There is talk of needing to potentially expand Hartland Landfill, and that would take away recreation areas that are currently used by mountain bikers, and ecosystems biodiversity. So I think we do need to look very carefully at can we live within our existing footprint not needing to expand."

Without any changes, room at the Hartland Landfill will reach capacity in 25 years -- or by 2045.

The CRD is currently developing a new solid waste plan in the hopes of reducing solid waste destined for the Landfill by a third in the next decade, or by 2030. Those efforts could add 55 years to Hartland's life span -- or to 2100.

More information on the CRD's ideas for Hartland Landfill here:

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