Could Sunday parking rates be cheaper when they come into effect?

Victoria Parking Kiosk

We know the City of Victoria will start charging for on-street parking on Sundays come May, but now we're learning it's possible they'll charge a little less than other days.

Council originally directed rates and parking times to be consistent with the rest of the week. But a report going before councilors on Thursday suggests a rethink.

City staff suggest a lower rate of $2-dollars per hour instead of the standard $3-dollars an hour for the 90 minute zone in the downtown core. And, it's suggested the rate drop to $1 dollar per hour in outlying metered areas and that there be no time limit placed on those outlying meters.

The staff report says one of the reasons for their recommendation is that there's lower parking demand on Sundays because offices are closed and retail businesses often have reduced hours.

The same report suggest hiring four addition staff members to enforce Sunday parking.

Back in February, council voted to end free Sunday parking as a way to fund youth bus passes.

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