Eco group buys up hunting licenses in Great Bear Rainforest


The Raincoast Conservation Foundation is out to end the trophy killing of large carnivores like grizzlies, cougars, and other wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest by purchasing hunting licenses.

Chris Genovali, says the group has been buying licenses for over a decade, and has teamed up with the Coastal First Nations to buy a fourth license in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. 

The idea is to keep the licenses out of the hands of commercial trophy hunters:

"We currently, without this 4th one which we've just struck a deal to purchase... we already control the commercial hunting rights in about 32,000 square kilometres of the Great Bear Rainforest."

Raincoast has launched a campaign aimed at raising $500,000 to buy the latest license.  Genovali says once a license is bought and paid for it's yours in perpetuity, as long as you keep filing your paperwork and paying annual fees.

The group intends to permanently end commercial trophy hunting of grizzlies, black bears (some of which carry the Spirit bear producing gene), wolves, cougars,wolverines and mountain goats in the region.



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