Empress Hotel canine ambassador visits CFAX studio Thursday

winston x2

Many guests have visited the CFAX 1070's studio, but none have garnered more attention than a studly, blonde, now working at the iconic Empress Hotel.

Winston, a Golden lab retriever is the new hire at the Empress with the fancy title of canine ambassador--the first ever for the Vancouver Island luxury hotel.

Winston is named after one of the Empress’ most famous guests, Winston Churchill, and is a former Canadian Guide Dog for the Blind.

Public Relations Director for the Empress, Tracey Drake tells CFAX 1070's Joe Perkins, why Winston was cast off as a Canadian guide dog.

"A number of service dogs actually don't make it to completion for various reasons.  Sometimes its health and wellness, or an illness issue.  For Winston, he was too friendly.  So, you can imagine if  he had an owner who was blind, it would be an issue.  And, if I can say this nicely, he loves himself."

Winston is a big hit with hotel guests and staff.  He can be found at the front desk of the Empress Hotel, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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