Former Victoria homeless man faces delays being reunited with his family


A once homeless man's long-awaited reunion with his family in eastern Canada has been put on hold because of government paperwork.

Dan Tranh Vo, who suffers mental illness, had been living on the streets of Victoria, while his family out east had given up looking for him thinking he was dead.  Dan says he had not been able to contact anyone because he had lost their phone number.  Dan and his family have made contact again after nine long years, but the reunion has been put on hold while Dan and his support team try to get the ID that is required for Dan to travel.

He says he is excited to see his family and the waiting has been hard.

"I have three brothers and a mother in the U-S and an aunt in Montreal.  I am very excited to see them again.  I miss them."

Dan is now being housed in Desmond House, one of 14 apartment buildings in the Capital Region where Cool Aid provides support for people who have been homeless in our community.  

In order to travel back home, Dan requires government-issued identification, which is being held up because he lacks the proper documentation.

One of Dan's brothers in Ontario Vo, says he will be happy to see his brother back home with the family.

"You know, he is loney and he has a mental illness.  We just try to get close to him and get him whatever he needs."

Dan was able to get reconnected with his family after seeing a video online from an uncle who was reaching out to family about a funeral.  It listed a phone number, which Dan was able to remember.  He had a support worker make contact through the uncle in the U-S.








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