Greater Victorians are asked to work for Elections Canada at the polls


Elections Canada is looking for Greater Victorians to help with the Federal Election.

Hundred's of people's time and energy is needed during an election, and anyone interested in working in their district is asked to apply.

Elections Canada Spokesperson, Diane Benson, says they need hardworking, detailed oriented individuals to fill a number of positions at polling stations.

"The kind of jobs that were looking for are like an information officer, that greets people when they come into the polls.  Or registration officer, that helps you fill in the form to make sure you're registered and ready to vote.  And then there are the jobs that most people are familiar with, where you go up and there are two people sitting at a desk behind a ballot box.  One is the deputy returning officer, that looks at your identification, and the poll clerk sits beside them, and they strike your name off a list to show that you have voted."

Benson says 16 and 17 year olds are also being encouraged to apply for these jobs.  This will not only let them make some money over the Thanksgiving weekend, but also learn more about the voting process and Canadian democracy.

Benson is encouraging people to apply soon, because for some positions, training begins next week.

"You get training, and you are paid for the training as well.  The training is usually in an evening, for two or three hours, so you can fit it into your schedule.  But apply early, and we look forward to having lots of involvement from people in the Victoria area."

Applications for these jobs can be found on Elections Canada's website, as well as in local returning offices.

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