Grumpy Taxpayers announce 2020 "Candy Cane" award winners


The Grumpy Taxpayers of Greater Victoria have chosen their award-winners for the 5th annual "Candy Cane" Awards.

The top spot this year goes to the South Island Prosperity Partnership, or SIPP, for successfully mobilizing leaders across the community to develop an economic development plan during the pandemic.

Second spot goes to the City of Victoria for prudently using tax dollars to revamp and repave Dallas Road -- - a scenic showpiece for locals and tourists.  But the group cautions infrastructure renewal must continue as a priority as about 10% of the city's 270 km of roads are considered in very poor condition.

And the Town Of Sidney took 3rd spot for continuing to hold the line on property taxes, voting to make business tax cuts of 10% permanent as it heads into 2021 -- and recommending that half of a $2.75-million federal grant go toward mitigating the impact of the pandemic and the remainder go toward tax reduction.

Grumpy Taxpayers says each winner receives a box of coveted mini candy canes, found in a bargain bin in January 2020 -- with the 3 containers costing just  $2.76 in total, setting a new low budget record for the award items.

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