Horgan's hopes for ride-hailing by year's end met with skepticism from B.C. Liberal opposition


Peter Milobar, the Liberal MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson, isn't buying B.C. premier John Horgan's recent claims that the province will have ride-hailing services in place by the end of the year.

This comes after the Passenger Transportation Board issued a notice last week saying all ride-hail application modifications will require another twenty-one days to complete, which is expected to delay the process for at least another month.

When speaking with CFAX 1070's Al Ferraby this morning, the B.C. Premier reiterated his plans to bring ride-hailing services to the province by Christmas.

"That's my expectation Al, and I've given that direction repeatedly since the start of the year." said Horgan.

However, MLA Peter Milobar says he just doesn't see it happening.

"I think the premier needs to look at a calendar," said Milobar. "We're in November and the Passenger Transportation Board has added another three to four week delay before they can even get into any decision-making."

Milobar also takes issue with the the premier's claims that most of the delays are due to the province's attempts to modernize B.C.'s taxi industry.

"There's been no modernization of the taxi industry." said the Kamloops-North Thompson MLA. "The premier talks about a level playing field -- there still making the taxi industry operate under a 1950's regulatory model."

Opposition Liberal critic Jas Johal has also come out saying that the recent documents from the Passenger Transportation Board indicate delays in processing applications that could stall the service indefinitely.

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