Iconic B.C. wildfire water bomber for sale for $5M

The pride of the skies above central Vancouver Island could soon be soaring towards the highest bidder.

A Martin Mars water bomber known as the Hawaii Mars II has been put up for sale for $5 million.

The Second World War-era plane was retrofitted from its role as a U.S navy patrol bomber into a water bomber in the 1960s.

Two of the bombers – the Hawaii II and the Philippine Mars – are owned by the Coulson Aviation Group in Port Alberni, B.C.

According to the company, the Philippine Mars is not air-ready and will likely end up in a museum.

The Hawaii II is being sold through Platinum Fighter Sales out of California.

"Today, Hawaii Mars II remains the only airworthy example of its type in the world," Platinum wrote in an online sales description.

"The opportunity to purchase and preserve a unique part of aviation history is now available for the discerning buyer, or donor."

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