Local cooperative gets you growing with your own veggie garden


They are literally starting from scratch.  A local group of volunteers with green thumbs have started with a few wooden pallets, some soil and compost, and are planting veggies for their neighbours.

They get you growing by delivering a pop-up garden to your door for a donation of $25.00.

Curbside Farms Cooperative provides members with fresh organic produce while helping foster new communities of urban growers.

Organizer Eric Buhne says it will inspire free trade so to speak.

"Say you're really good at growing carrots, but you're not very great at growing let’s say…lettuce.  If you are really good at growing that stuff, you can grow more of that and then trade it with your neighbours for other food.  So, it’s a way of trying to build more local agriculture, but in a non-commercial manner."

Curbside Farms Cooperative hopes to raise $2,500 through its GoFundMe page to cover materials, like tools and other star- up costs.

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