Looking for more ways to listen to CFAX 1070?


Looking for more ways to listen to CFAX 1070? We are accessible across platforms so you can stay tuned-in to your city without a radio! Here are 3 ways to listen.

1. CFAX 1070 website

You’re in the right place! At the bottom of the page you’ll see “Listen Live”, hit the play button and start listening instantly!

2. iHeart Radio App

 Download the iHeart Radio App on Google Play or the App Store and take CFAX 1070 with you wherever you go!

3. Smart Speakers

Listening to your favourite stations got even easier with voice assistance like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home.


Google Home

You can connect to us at any time with a command such as "Hey Google, play C-F-A-X 10-70." 


Amazon Alexa

To configure your Alexa to play CFAX 1070, simply say: “Alexa, ENABLE C-F-A-X 10-70". 

Then just ask Alexa to “Open C-F-A-X 10-70”


Apple Homepod

To connect to CFAX 1070 on your Apple Homepod, simply say "Hey Siri, play me C-F-A-X 10-70."

Contact Us

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