Majority of BCer's don't know reason behind Time Change


A recent survey commissioned by B.C. Hydro finds the majority of BC residents do not know why Daylight Saving Time exists.

About 60 percent of B.C. residents incorrectly believe its purpose -- is to provide more sunlight during waking hours. 

Others believe it exists to provide more working hours. 35 per cent admit the time shift has a negative effect on them.

Another 56 per cent would prefer if the province remained on standard time, year-round.

Several studies have found Daylight Saving Time electricity savings are negligible – or non-existent. In fact, a recent study in Alberta found that it actually has the opposite effect, increasing energy use.

BC Hydro is planning to release a new report this fall, after further research and analysis on Daylight Saving Time, which will examine whether or not this practice saves electricity in B.C.



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