Man with history of targeting strangers, 'serious offences' back in police custody

A man with a history of "serious, dangerous offences" is back in custody, police said the morning after issuing a public advisory about his disappearance.

Timothy Wyslouzil has a history of targeting strangers and vulnerable people, according to a news release from the Vancouver Police Department.

The 51-year-old did not return to his halfway house by curfew on Jan. 19, prompting a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest.

The next morning, officers said he had been located, and was in police custody.

The warrant was announced Thursday, in a statement in which police said Wyslouzil is considered a public safety risk.

Asking for tips about his whereabouts, police described Wyslouzil as a white man with salt-and-pepper hair and brown eyes. He stands 5'7" and weighs about 250 pounds, according to police.

Wyslouzil was last seen wearing a dark winter coat with a fur-lined hood, dark pants, a blue shirt and dark shoes, as well as a baseball cap, eyeglasses and a medical mask, police said.

He has a cross tattooed on his left forearm and a star tattooed on his right forearm. Police asked anyone who saw Wyslouzil or knows his whereabouts to call 911 immediately.

On Friday, officers did not say whether such a tip led to his capture, or if he'd been found by members of the department.

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