Marijuana-infused meals to be served up next month in Victoria


Some foodies will soon be sitting down to a meal infused with cannabis.

Next month, a Canadian chef is coming to our city to host a series of meals where you will pay to eat some of the finest food--all of it infused with marijuana in some form or fashion.

Although it’s still illegal, it hasn't stopped chefs from coming into cities like Vancouver and Victoria, and hosting these types of events. 

Speaking on CFAX 1070 with Joe Perkins, Vancouver Chef, Travis Petersen says the use of marijuana is more socially acceptable in cities like Victoria.

"I think five years ago, when the dispensaries started opening they were very stringent with people having medical marijuana cards and that.  Nowadays you can walk into any dispensary and as long as you are 19 years and older you're able to purchase cannabis."

The event will take place in a private residence and Petersen says the marijuana they use in their dishes is donated by various sponsors.

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