Mayor of Colwood pushing talks for priority bus lanes on TCH

Colwood crawl


The Mayor of Colwood says the time is now make plans for priority bus lanes on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Carol Hamilton is asking for the provincial government and stakeholders to sit down and discuss it before the looming budget announcement in February.

“I think we need to get all the right people in the same room at one time, I don’t think that has ever happened during my time in politics,” said Hamilton in an interview with C-FAX.  

Hamilton says the plans by BC Transit to create the lanes are already there, they just need the funding for it.

She's also concerned with the date for completion of the Admirals McKenzie interchange being pushed forward to 2019, adding to the congestion.

“I have sit on the roadside and count cars and of 100, probably 97 of them are single occupied vehicles so we need to find a way to encourage other forms of transportation.”

Hamilton says she’s already made contact with the provincial government and a meeting would likely be tabled for early October, after the UBCM meetings.

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