More than 20 Sudbury area school bus routes cancelled Tuesday

The Anglophone South School District said some families would not be getting school bus service this year because of physical distancing requirements due to COVID-19.

Sudbury Student Services Consortium has cancelled an additional four school bus routes for Jan. 18, as COVID-19 affects grow.

The other 14 routes are cancelled for the day, Tuesday, due to COVID-19:

  • L012
  • L030
  • L103
  • L655
  • L823
  • L874*new
  • N305
  • N406
  • N429* new
  • N431
  • N459
  • N467
  • N503* new
  • N504* new

Seven of the routes are cancelled for the week due to driver shortage and include:

  • L006
  • L011
  • L110
  • L801
  • L809
  • L811
  • L866

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