Mystery solved: Woman comes forward after overturned kayak prompts search in Nanaimo

The recovered kayak is shown. (Nanaimo RCMP)

A woman says she's embarrassed but grateful after her overturned kayak was reported to police, prompting a search by first responders in Nanaimo, B.C.

The kayak was discovered in the Nanaimo River on Tuesday, leading to a search by firefighters, police, and a medical helicopter.

Nanaimo RCMP asked the public for tips on who the kayak may have belonged to on Wednesday, after Mounties said no missing persons reports were filed in nearby jurisdictions.

On Thursday, police said the owner of the kayak had come forward.

"I am so embarrassed but yet extremely grateful to know that there are so many first responders who are trained and ready to respond to these kinds of situations," said Allison Wasserman, according to the Nanaimo RCMP.

Mounties say Wasserman came forward on Wednesday evening after she had heard people were searching for the owner of the kayak.

The woman said she was kayaking on the river with her family when she lost control and flipped.

She was able to exit the river with some cuts and bruises, but was unable to retrieve the kayak since it became lodged in some log boons, according to RCMP.

The family had intended to return to the area on Wednesday when river levels were scheduled to fall, Wasserman told Nanaimo RCMP.

Before that happened though, the overturned kayak was reported to emergency services.

"I realize now that I should have reported it but with everything happening it just slipped my mind," she told the RCMP.

"I would though like to extend a heartfelt thank you and a sincere apology to all of the first responders who attended," said Wasserman. "I have learned a valuable lesson."    

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