Nanaimo RCMP looking for owner of cash that "rained form the sky"


When a Nanaimo woman was out walking on Monday she was surprised to see money raining down from the sky!

It was around mid-morning on a north Nanaimo street when the woman reports a vehicle went flying past her, and seconds later money began falling around her.

She was not able to get a plate number or description of the vehicle, but told RCMP it didn't stop.

The woman collected the cash and did the right thing, calling RCMP to report her find.

Interestingly, no one has reported losing the money.

RCMP say the owner may not be aware the cash flew out the open car window, or, it was obtained through illegal means and the owner is reluctant to report it.

The money will be held for 90 days and if the lawful owner is not found, it will be turned over to the finder.

Do you think a 14-day self-isolation rule should be imposed on anyone entering or returning to the BC?

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