NIMBY approach hurting the Victoria housing crisis?

Housing crisis

At least one group in Victoria is bothered by the recent protest of a housing development near the downtown core.

Ted Litman with Victoria Transport Policy Institute and a member of Cities for Everyone says the "NIMBY" approach can't happen if the housing crisis is going to be fixed

“A lot of people support the idea of accommodating more people; they just want it somewhere else.”

Litman is pointing to the weekend protesting of a development of land in the Rockland area as a classic example of the "not in my backyard approach."

“You could say it’s a class issue that the residents of neighbourhoods buy a house and they think the best way to protect it is to keep poor people from moving in.”

Litman says it's better for everyone if housing is built in an area like the one proposed for the parcel of land on Fort Street as it is walking distance from downtown.

Nieghbors are protesting a development that is expected to bring 91 new housing units at 1201 Fort Street, saying it affects the privacy of neighbours and doesn't actually help the housing crisis while cutting down old trees.

The housing created by the development is being seen as "medium priced" housing according to Litman and would create help free up cheaper housing in the future.

The development by Abstract has yet to approved by City Council will have to go through a public hearing stage.

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