Nurdle alert



UVic Librarian David Boudinot is sounding alarm bells over a a tiny plastic pellet washing up on our shores. The pellets called "Nurdles" are the building blocks for many plastic materials. They are shipped world wide and for some reason their presence on our beaches has risen dramatically in the last 2 years. "What we do know is that Nurdles are on the beaches here, we've read the literature and we can tell you that Nurdles in the marine environment is not good and we can tell you which beaches have the most Nurdles."
Boudinot has collected jars full of the Nurdles and he says they can be found at dozens of Vancouver Island beaches but Willows beach in Oak Bay collects the most. Boudinot will be giving a presentation at Monday's Ideafest at UVic from 2 to 3:30.

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