Oak Bay Police are Investigating a B&E and Theft of Computers at UVic

UVic B&E CTV Van Isle 3

Oak Bay Police are investigating a Break and Enter at UVic.

Oak Bay and Saanich Police responded to the call on January 2nd, and upon discussing the incident, it was decided that the Oak Bay Police would handle the case.

The police have determined that the B and E occurred at the MacLaurin building between December 27th and 30th, and that 15 computers have been stolen.

The investigation is in the early stages, but Deputy Chief Ray Bernoties says so far there are no signs of forced entry. "That could mean a number of things of how someone might have gained entry.  Wether it was a door that was slightly ajar or not secure enough. Wether they somehow got a key, or just yanked on a door or window.  We haven't been able to determine that at this point."   He adds that a forensic team was also on the scene gathering evidence.

Bernoties goes on to say that upwards of 15 computers, of varying models, were stolen from the building. "From what I hear there's quite a mix.  From Mac computers, to some even older computers, there's quite a mix."  He asks the public to keep an eye out for anyone selling a large quantity or variety of computers, both online and in pawn shops.

The Oak Bay Police are asking for anyone who witnessed the B&E, or anyone with information on the incident, to report it to them, their local police, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

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