Pembina Institute says death of Petronas LNG project good for clean energy


The Pacific NorthWest LNG project cancelled yesterday because of market conditions would have been the largest private investment made on any project in our nation's history.  But the Pembina Institute points out if would also have been the one of the largest source of carbon pollution for Canada.

Karen Tam Wu says Petronas' announcement that it will no longer pursue the project means BC can to move forward on untapped clean energy opportunities:

" It's actually a great refresh on how we can actually get BC on track now to a clean and prosperous economy. Had Petronas gone forward it would have eaten up between 75 and nearly 90% of BC's carbon budget.  It would have made it really difficult to meet our global commitments to meet the Paris climate accord.

Tam Wu says it's important to ensure B.C. is not left behind as the global economy shifts and the costs of a changing climate begin to mount.


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