Police look for dye covered thief after bank robbery near Tillicum Mall

TD Bank Robbery Saanich May 29 2019

Saanich Police are searching for a thief who is likely covered in red dye after a bank robbery Wednesday afternoon on Burnside Road West

The robbery happened around 3pm at the TD Bank at 309 Burnside, near the Tillicum Mall. Police say the package that bank staff gave the thief included the dye pack, which was set off once he was outside the bank.

They're looking for a man who they figure will be covered in red dye, possibly on his hands, arms, face. The robber is described as a white male, around 50-years old, 5-foot -5 and skinny.

A red-stained handgun or replica handgun could be seen left near the front of the bank immediately after the robbery.

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