Police urge caution after another person pricked by a discarded needle in downtown Victoria

Needle Fence

Victoria Police say a man has been poked by a syringe that was hidden inside a fence post downtown.

It happened Friday on Yates between Douglas and Blanshard, near the Odeon Theatre.

The needle was wedged into a hollow section of the fence post, pointed in such a way that it would prick someone who put their hands into the space.

Police say it's the fourth or fifth syringe-related incident they've dealt with in the past several months, but they cannot say if investigators believe there is a specific offender involved or if it's simply carelessness.

In this case, police say the man was who was pricked will follow up with medical tests to make sure he didn't contract anything.

Police are warning the public to be extra cautious of their surroundings while downtown

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