Protesters plan to shut down Pat Bay Highway Wednesday

Mt Newton X Rd

Central Saanich Police are warning users of Highway 17, the Pat Bay Highway, that they are hearing rumblings it will be targeted by Indigenous protesters tomorrow (Wednesday).

Sgt.Paul Brailey says while there is word circulating in the community of something happening between 2 to 5pm -- a location has not been mentioned or confirmed.

But he can make a pretty good guess where it will be:

" There's an expected protest that's likely to happen tomorrow along Highway 17. The indication to us is it's around the Mt. Newton area, which is where the Highway 17 cuts through the a Tsawout First Nations reserve there. So the indication is that there's likely to be a protest in that area there, between 2 to 5 tomorrow afternoon."

Brailey is advising anyone needing to catch a flight, or take a ferry to go early, and advises motorists to avoid the area or take an alternate route.

He also encourages protesters to use the overpass and highway shoulders to get their message across, instead of blocking the roadway -- noting the intersection is a major access route for those trying to get to Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

It's not clear which group is behind organizing the protest.

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