Protesters want end to Grizzly trophy hunt

Grizzly Protest


April 1st marked the first day of the grizzly bear hunting season in British Columbia. 

About a hundred people gathered in front of the B.C. legislature to protest the trophy hunt. 

BC NDP candidate in Oak Bay-Gordon Head, Bryce Casavant spoke out against the hunt, saying that if the NDP are elected they will end the practice. Casavant has been a conservation officer and is uniquely qualified to speak on this issue. "Grizzly bears are a species of special concern in the province they're also a keystone species for various ecological and biological processes. It's not longer morally ethically or socially acceptable  
to kill these animals for sport."

Casavant also says "we don’t know how many grizzly bears are in the province. The province says 15,000 but we don’t actually know if that number is accurate."

The rally was organized by justice for BC Grizzlies, they want this trophy hunting season to be the last.


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