Public hearing ordered into sexual misconduct allegations against off duty VicPd officer


The Police Complaints Commissioner has ordered a public hearing into allegations of sexual misconduct by an off duty member of the Victoria Police Department.

After an independent investigation was carried out by the Vancouver Police Department -- and the Commissioner then referred the matter to a retired judge for review.

Retired Judge James Threlfall held a disciplinary proceeding, and determined a misconduct finding was not supported by the evidence.
However the Complainant requested a public hearing as material witnesses weren't given the chance to testify at the proceeding.  The Commissioner has now decided it's in the public interest to hold a Public Hearing.
Retired Supreme Court Justice Wally Oppal has been appointed to preside over the hearing. No date has been set.

No names have been released as allegations are of a sensitive nature.  However, Oppal could make further determinations on disclosure during the hearing.

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