Public help needed to monitor for winter bat activity


A recent report of a deadly virus affecting bats in Washington State has BC organizations protecting bats concerned.

White Nose Syndrome has near a 100 per cent mortality for species of bats exposed to the fungus.  The virus was confirmed for the first time in King County, Washington.

The Southern Vancouver Island Community Bat Program is asking the public to keep an eye open for any winter bat activity which may indicate the fungus is present in our bat populations.

Paige Erickson-McGee, Bat Stewardship Coordinator tells us what to look for.

"If anyone sees bats flying around in the winter, that is somewhat unusual behavior so we want to know that.  It could mean a bat hibernation site was disturbed and we want to pinpoint where that is."

Erickson-McGee says if you find a dead bat don't touch it--report it to the Community Bat Program by calling (1-855-922-2287), or e-mail:

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