Roaming chickens rounded up on the Saanich Peninsula

Chickens 2

Police in Central Saanich, North Saanich and Sidney, as well as the North Saanich Fire Department were called out for a massive chicken round up Thursday morning.

Close to 100 birds mysteriously turned up in 5 different locations -- 2 spots on Wallace Drive, 2 on Wain Road, and 1 spot in Sidney.

Officers, and even civilians, rounded the roaming chickens up and used a pickle ball court as a temporary storage site until CRD Animal Control could come and get them.

Central Saanich Cnst. Ann Piper says it's not known where the birds originated, if they escaped or were dumped:

" We had the help of a local farmer in our area.  Ryan Vantreight came up and helped, he owns a lot of the land around there.  And he called all the local farmers and no one had any missing chickens. So we determined so far locally to Central Saanich Road and Wallace Road there was none missing that we could find at that point.  Any large companies that dealt with chickens, none were missing from them as well."

Piper says farmers told officers the birds look to be old, and past their prime.

Of the 91 chickens captured, one had to be euthanized.

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